How to Get Started with your DAP Training

Our first official day of opening is finally here and to say we're beyond excited would be the understatement of the year!


We worked hard.
Prayed harder.
And, above all, let our faith be bigger than our fear.


We finally (!!!) can open our doors and shout from the rooftops that Dynamic Athletic Performance is here to grow stronger athletes and create healthier individuals.


After a successful Open House on Saturday, we noticed that the biggest question from our raving fans seems to be a common one ...


How do you get started with your #dappowered work-out routine?!

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Here are three simple steps to becoming #dappowered in no time:


1.  Book a trial-run class.

We believe in trying before buying.  And, if you've never experienced a work-out with Coach Mike, then we want you to experience the whole she-bang before committing to DAP on a monthly basis.


Click this link, find a day and time that works best for you, create a profile, and get ready experience your first #dappowered experience with Coach Mike.


We're in the App Store, too!  Download the DAP App and you can easily book your trial session (or any session!) right from the comfort of your couch!


You're in for a real treat in signing up for a trial class!  And, for a free experience, you can't lose!


2.  Take a look at our Pricing Guide.

After you finish your first work-out, Coach Mike will walk you through our payment options.  We offer drop-in rates, unlimited monthly sessions and class packs.  Our classes cover all ages - from 5 to 65+.  There's something for everyone and we want to make sure you find the perfect fit!


Did you know we offer discounts for families?  We offer family plans so that the whole family can benefit from all that the DAP facility has to offer!  Ask Coach Mike for more details.


3.  Join the DAP Family!

Ready to run?  Literally. ;-) Once you decide which work-out payment and schedule works best for you, you're ready to get your booty moving!  From your profile in the DAP app, you can schedule your classes in advance to ensure accountability!  


We make it easy to help you achieve your healthy living goals and dreams by setting you up for success.  All you have to do is say "YES!" to Coach Mike's magical ways and you're heading in the right direction!


Did you know that DAP has something for everyone?


We offer classes for every age group:  Elementary (ages 5-8), Middle School (ages 9-13), High School/College (14 and up) and Adult Fitness (all ages!).  We even offer a specialty class for our retired community!



Don't see a class that will fit into your schedule? 

We cater to your needs the best we can!  Sometimes, we can overlap and sometimes we can add in classes based on demand.  Don't hesitate to ask and we'll get you scheduled on your time to the best of our ability!


Ready to try your first class?


We want to thank each and every one of you for making it out to our Open House on Saturday.  And, to those who couldn't make it, we absolutely still love you!  We know life gets busy, but if you're still interested in checking out our new "home," let us know and we'll get a VIP tour scheduled for you right away! 


Our support team is nothing less than appreciated and we don't know how we could ever thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement and even some extra special good-luck hugs.  


We're ready to bring the #dappowered lifestyle to the SWFL community!  Join us!

Dynamic Athletic Performance | Personal Training + Fitness + Gym + Athletic Training | Cape Coral, Florida
Dynamic Athletic Performance | Personal Training + Weight Loss + Fitness Center + Gym + Athletic Performance | Cape Coral, Florida