The Power of a Fitness Tribe

There's a saying that our Pastors use with our Youth Ministry at Christian Life Fellowship and it's one that applies to many scenarios... friendship, accountability, and more relatable to our field, fitness.


Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.


Naturally, as the saying goes, your tribe (or your friends) is an important piece to any goal you are wanting to achieve.  Your tribe is what will move you forward in your fitness journey and it's also what has the ability to hold you back.  Are you surrounding yourself with health-driven mindsets or do you hang with people who would rather participate in a sedentary lifestyle?


The power of a fitness tribe is not a new concept nor is it a new mind-blowing advancement in all things health and wellness.  A fitness tribe is a place where you feel at home.  Where you find your "people" and where you are motivated to try something you wouldn't do on your own.


It's one of the biggest trends in the fitness industry and we're not kidding when we say there's plenty of research and information out there to back up the idea.  From a running group to a regular gym buddy, sports enthusiasts everywhere are increasingly recommending a fitness tribe to not only increase motivation, but also dramatically reduce stress levels.


Having the motivation to work-out or exercise can be a difficult challenge for so many on a fitness journey to overcome.  Add in the uneasy feeling of not knowing if you're doing the right things or maybe the confusion of what you should focus on to hit your goals faster and you're talking an easy way out of your once-determined goal.


Today, we're listing our top five benefits to joining a fitness tribe of like-minded people.  People who can help you achieve your goals and motivate you to stay on-course when you lose your steam.  People who can tell you you're doing a great job, even on your worst days.  The people who will understand your work-out hesitations and frustrations even when you don't understand them yourself.

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Five Benefits to Joining a Fitness Tribe ...


1.  Commitment.


When it comes to starting an exercise regime, it's a known fact that many people drop-out of the program faster when they go at it alone than if they join a group.  The motivation dwindles, you forget your purpose for starting and there's no one reminding you that you're in it to win it.  Sometimes we all need the added reminder that you actually have to leave your comfy couch and bag of Lay's Potato Chips to achieve your weight loss goal!  ;-)


But, research shows, that when you join a fitness tribe, you are increasing your commitment level.  You're more motivated to show-up, perform and leave with a sense of pride knowing there are others holding you accountable to the goal you originally started with.


2.  Change it up.


Individual exercise routines can easily become mundane and essentially boring when you do the same thing, by yourself, every day.  Sure, you can change up your routine a bit and keep yourself doing something different each workout.  But, what about the days when you're not feeling creative?  Or, the days that you just don't want to do the same exercise you did last Tuesday.


That's where a fitness tribe comes in.  The creativity of multiple minds put together for the common higher good will far outweigh the handful of exercises you can come up with on your own.


3.  Fixing mistakes.


As a sports and agility trainer, Coach Mike knows and understands what it takes to keep your body from being injured.  So many times, injuries are easily preventable when techniques are perfected and tweaks are made to enhance formation.  


If you're working out alone, who will help you fix those mistakes?  Who will show you that you're front knee should be in line with your ankle and never pass your toes when doing a forward lunge?  The trainer on TV surely can't correct that for you.  And, in turn, your putting added pressure on your ligaments that doesn't need to be there.


Again, the power of a fitness tribe.


4.  Competition.


Competitiveness comes naturally to many people.  You see the guy next to you?  He just did 25 more jumping jacks than you did.  Do you ... (a) stop in your tracks saying "no way" or do you (b) hammer out 30 just to say you did more than he did?


Most people would want to stick with their competitive nature and do just as much, if not more, of what others around them are doing.  We don't know of many who like to finish last, so working out with a fitness tribe can essentially push you into maximizing your workouts each and every time.  


5.  Friends become family.


Our #dapfamily is more than just clients.  They are our tribe.  Our fitness tribe.  Our motivation tribe.  Our family tribe.  Because they work so hard for us by allowing Coach Mike to train them, we work harder for them on the back-end.  Our fitness tribe relies on us to be creative, inventive and motivational when it comes to their workouts.  They trust us to teach and train.  And, because of our small group sizes, our clients become our family fast and furious.


The same goes for your fitness tribe.  This group is your go-to.  Your motivational backbone when you're tired.  Your sounding board when you feel like giving up.  Your encouragement when you don't hit your goal right away.


Your fitness tribe helps you with the hard stuff.  The stuff you don't want to do alone.


And, we, at Dynamic Athletic Performance love our fitness tribes.  They are the groups of people who show up at the same time every day.  Talking to each other, clapping for each other and training for each other so that they can each hit their health and fitness goals.


They are the people you learn to rely on and count on to text you when you don't show up.  Check on you when you feel like you can't keep going.  They are the people who will pray for you when you're feeling weak or offer a shoulder to cross the finish line with you.


We are all about our fitness tribes at DAP and believe you can't be #dappowered without the right people by your side.  Join one of our classes and you'll quickly see what we're talking about.  Fitness tribes are our jam!


Our clients are our fitness tribes.  Do you have one?

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