How to Stay Motivated to Work-Out when it's Cold Outside

It's almost November and the weather is officially getting cooler!  


And, for many Florida bones, the crisp breeze in the air and the extra layer of clothes really throws our work-out game off!  We become so used to hot and humid weather that we don't know what to do with this cool weather that's showing up!


At Dynamic Athletic Performance, we believe that it's important to kick-off the holiday season with a strong and steady game plan.  One that works in both warm weather and cold.  We want to encourage you to stay motivated through the hurdles that the holidays can bring.  You have goals you want to achieve and big plans to accomplish.  You can't let cooler weather get in your way! 


So, we came up with our top 5 tips to keep you motivated when the weather motivates you to stay in your warm and cozy bed instead!

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1.  You can eat alllll the holiday foods.


Let's face it.  With the holidays quickly approaching, it's a natural tendancy to want to eat all of the comfort foods placed in front of you.  The pies, the soups, the warm, buttery biscuits.  But, naturally, if you don't maintain a proper work-out schedule during the cooler months, you're just adding more weight to your body that will have to be taken off come January 1st.


Not saying that working-out once a day replaces bad eating habits, but what we are saying is that you have some more flexibility to eat the foods you enjoy during the cold weather and can leave the table with much less guilt than if you don't work-out on a consistent basis.


Looking for food to be your work-out motivator?  Now's the time to embrace it!


2.  You can revamp your wardrobe.


For many women, a new workout outfit does wonders for motivation!  Buying a few new staple pieces of warmer work-out gear will help to encourage you to get out of bed and into that cute new outfit!  Plus, if you have clothes that are made for cooler weather, you won't feel so out of place wearing your summer tank and shorts in 40 degree weather.


Warm clothes help get your booty out of bed!  If you go from warm to warm, you're much more likely to get out of bed and get moving with your workout routine.  Can you imagine trying to motivate yourself to leave the comfort of your bed to put on a racerback tank-top?  I don't know about you, but that scenario leaves little room for motivation in our world!


3.  Stay consistent.


Ever have a New Year's resolution to work-out and lose weight?  Ever start your resolution the day after the ball drops only to find yourself quitting just a few short weeks later?


By working out during the winter months, you're setting the pace for your new year to be off and running (literally!) on the right track.  You're starting summer bikini season months ahead of the game.  You're ready to show the world what you're made of ... before everyone else jumps on the January work-out bandwagon.


Work through the holidays.  If you create a consistent plan when life can be at the most hectic point for many people, you're setting yourself up for success when life quiets down some after the holidays.  


4.  Take care of yourself.


We hear this saying all the time.  It's important to care for yourself first and make sure you're staying healthy.  But, really, how many of us actually do it?


If you have a young family, the truth is, the holidays can be hectic and sometimes overwhelming.  There are trees to trim and gifts to wrap and Santa's lap to visit and of course, holiday bake-offs.  And, ultimately, this fast-paced lifestyle creates one thousand memories for you and your children.


But, are you really enjoying the time together?  Or are you stressed because you're too busy and too overwhelmed and haven't had time to work-out today?  


When you set the tone for a work-out schedule, you're creating a tone for your day or even the next day if you work-out in the evening.  You can't be your best you if you're not taking care of yourself.  And, during the holidays, especially, you want your children to remember the happy you, not the overwhelmed one.


5.  Find a workout buddy.


We talked about the importance of a Fitness Tribe last week.  If you missed it, make sure to read all about it here.


With the power of people by your side, you're much more motivated to complete the work-out plan you set for yourself.  The one that starts your year off right.  The one that leaves you feeling happy and comfortable at the end of a holiday meal.  The one that motivates you to be better for your children.


Find someone (or a group of people) who encourage and uplift you.


If you don't know where to find someone like-minded like that, start at DAP.  Our #dapfamily is filled with people willing to text you in the morning to wake you up for your 5 am class, people who will scream for you as you cross that 5k finish line and people who will go through the fire with you when you feel like giving up.


Those are our people and we'd love to share them with you!


Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer, we're ready to help you stay motivated!