Three Fears of Completing a 5k Race and How to Overcome Them

Hey there, #dapfamily!


It's been a few weeks since we posted on here and we'd like to blame that on two things:

1.  Preparation for the start of the holiday season.

2.  The announcement of our new little Ruth planning to join our crew in June 2018.


You could say it's been a hectic (and surprising!) November for the Ruth Family!  But, with every surprise, comes a testimony, and we can't wait to share our newest little one's story with you.


But, for now, back to the topic at hand ... 5k races ... 


When we opened the doors to DAP in October 2017, we knew there was one goal we wanted to make an effort with attaining each month: to run one 5k per month with the members of our DAP Family.


We started our first 5k last week on Thanksgiving and SO enjoyed not only the participation but the health benefits we experienced afterwards.  Well, except for Elizabeth, who dealt with an awesome bout of morning sickness while on the course.. ;-)  Fortunately, she was able to cross the finish line - even with the last group of the entire race!  Because, that's what is important.  Not the time or the personal best you're trying to attain, but the actual crossing of the finish line that happens when you set your mind to finish.


In other news, our very own Madison won the 5th place medal in the Girls' ages 9 and under group and we could not be more proud.  At just six years old, at least one of the Ruth girls hammered out a personal best on race day!  ;-) 

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With that said, we wanted to discuss some of the fears that crept up for some of our clients in the days and weeks prior to the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  From fear of finishing to fear of not preparing in enough time, we want to not only bash those fears but teach you how to overcome them. 


Without further adieu, here are our top 3 fears to overcome when mentally preparing for a 5k race.


1.  Fear of Finishing


This is such a common fear for many people!  3.1 miles sounds like such a long distance in a short period of time.  Worried about being out of breath in the first mile?  Don't let that stop you.


For Elizabeth, the morning sickness crept in right at Mile 1.  Her immediate thought was to stop where she was and turn around to avoid public humiliation of being sick in front of a sesa of athletic people.  But, with the help of her friend Keith, she mentally toughened up, told herself she would be fine, and they continued their walk.  It wasn't a personal best and it surely wasn't the fastest she's ever walked, but a finish was a finish.


For another woman, we don't know who she is, but during her walk with Elizabeth and Keith, they discovered that she was there with a serious medical condition.  One that hinders her ability to walk in a easy manner.  The entire race, she spoke out loud over and over again telling her "person" that she was going to finish the walk.  It didn't matter her time and it didn't matter her place in the race.  All she cared about was crossing the finish line.


So, from our two examples, you know what the common factor was?  Mental toughness.  Now,  if you know Elizabeth, you know that she isn't the most mentally tough out there.  She easily gives in to fears and questions herself more times than not.  But, in the end, what helped finish the race was the mindset of finishing.  Even if the first trimester blues got in the way, she knew she'd be so disappointed in herself if she gave up from one wave of the neverending nausea she's learned to cope with over the last few weeks.


And, that, my friends, is how you forget the fear of finishing.  You focus on the finish line.  Don't focus on how you're going to get there.  Visualize yourself crossing the line and imagine the feelings when you do.  Proud, happy, accomplished, finished, relief.  Those emotions far outweigh the one emotion of fear. 


2.  Fear of not being prepared.


Many of our clients told us they were worried about not having the proper training to finish a 5k race.  They train with Mike throughout the week, yes, but does that really prepare you for a 3.1 mile course?


The simple answer here is yes!  When it comes to running, there are two parts to training (1) the actual running and (2) core body work.  Both of these concepts will not only improve your body movements, they'll actually allow more flexibility in your running to help you move smarter and faster.  Mike's training programs at DAP help you do just that!  Between cardio, weight lifting and strengthening, you're already on the road to prepping your body for race day.


Because of that training, your prep work for training for a 5k is half the battle.   While we don't recommend focusing on only core work for a personal best or a marathon, for example, we do think acknowledging you're halfway prepared for race day will not only bash the fear of feeling prepared, it'll also encourage you to cross the finish line in the end.  And, that's the ultimate goal, isn't it?!


3.  Fear of not fitting in.


Ok, this one is ambiguous.  But, so real on so many levels if you think about it.  Many times, our clients tell us they aren't a real runner and therefore, won't sign up with our #dapfamily for our monthly runs.


But, #truthbomb, if you run in any form or fashion, YOU ARE A RUNNER.


It doesn't matter how fast or how slow you go.  Again, the theme here, it only matters that you finish.


There are so many people out there doing 5k races every time we are out there.  People of all ages, all skill levels and all motivational journeys.  But, there's only one you.  One you who has one life to make right and only one you who has one time to take care of the body you're given.


If you continuously tell yourself you're not a runner, you will continuously quit before you even begin.


It doesn't take a runner to be a runner.  It takes a committed person to say "yes!" and believe in him/herself to finish the race to be a runner.  That's it.  It's really that simple.


And, if you still have doubts, reach out to our DAP team!


We're here to see you achieve your goals.  We'll talk you through your fears, we'll train you the best we know how with the time we have available, and even better?  We'll join you on race day.


All you have to do is say "I CAN DO IT!" 


With all that motivational talk, you ready to join us?

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We're headed to Fort Myers on December 9th to join in on the HeartWalk fun.  Anyone can join us - we have walkers and runners from ages 5 to 65 - and we'd love to have you tag along!  The HeartWalk holds a special place in Elizabeth's family's heart.  An avid runner and health advocate, Elizabeth's dad, Jim, died in 2013 of a genetic heart attack.  One that was unavoidable and unpreventable no matter how much he ran or how healthy he ate.  Although Jim's heart attack was inevitable, we believe in what the American Heart Association does to support the local and national communities to teach others the importance of good heart health and therefore, are very excited to support their cause in December.


You can register to join our 2017 team here.


Alright, friends, we hope this post finds you well and heading into the holiday season with a grateful heart and a joyous attitude.  We appreciate you and can't wait to see you at your first 5k with your #dapfamily.


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