The Five Best Snacks to Eat Before a Work-Out

Over the last few weeks, we've heard that many of our clients don't eat before a work-out session.  The end result?  A sluggish workout, a nauseous aftermath and a long day of recovery.  So, when you're wondering why you're not feeling well after exercising, think back to before your workout.  Did you eat properly beforehand?  Did you drink enough water?  That's where we start when trying to figure out the culprit to post workout issue.


The biggest myth when it comes to losing weight is that if you eat less, you burn more calories and ultimately, lose weight.  But, really, your body still needs fuel to actually burn the calories that lead to weight loss.  It goes along with the saying "the more you give, the more you get."


Same thing is true for your body.  The more you fuel your body, the more you're body will kick into high gear and work hard for you.  It's a give and take process.


So, we came up with five of our best recommended foods to eat before a workout.  Check them out below.

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1.  Bananas.


Bananas are packed with potassium and ultimately, aide the body in maintaining nerve and muscle function.  Nicknamed "nature's powerbar," bananas are easy on the stomach and quickly digested which provides you with enough energy to last your workout.  Eat a banana about 30 minutes before your activity and you'll be good to go!


2.  Oats.


Oats are packed with fiber and therefore create sustained energy to last throughout your workout.  Try eating one cup of old-school oatmeal 30 minutes before your workout.  Or, try our favorite Overnight Oats recipe.


Looking for a little holiday spirit in your oats?  Try this delicious recipe!


3.  Fruit Smoothies.


Smoothies are a top-rated pre workout snack in our book because of their high-quality protein levels.  They're easily digestible and can also be changed up every time you drink one.  It keeps the body guessing. ;-)  We listed our favorite smoothie recipe here.  Remember, you can change up the recipe to fit your personal preference.  They're customizable and contain the one-two energy punch you need to maintain a consistent energy level during a workout.


4.  Grilled Chicken and Brown Rice.


If you're working out after lunch or dinner, you want to make sure you eat something lightweight and will sit well in your stomach during an intense workout.  The rice will provide the carbohydrate energy and the chicken is loaded with the protein to help encourage the success of your workout.  Another option is to substitute the brown rice with a starchy vegetable such as sweet potato or quinoa.


5.  Greek Yogurt.


Again, we're talking about the high quality protein here.  Greek yogurt contains double the amount of protein and almost half the amount of sugar than regular yogurt.  This makes Greek yogurt our go-to and one that will provide substantial energy and is easy on the stomach.


While eating certain foods is essential to your workout gameplan, staying away from the wrong foods is just as important.  At Dynamic Athletic Performance, we recommend staying away from fatty foods as they can leave you feeling sluggish and causes cramps easily.  You should also steer clear of raw sugar or candy as both can cause a sugar rush and later a crash mid workout.  And, lastly, be careful to not eat too much!  Overeating can cause nausea and possibly vomiting, and can also leave you feeling lethargic before even beginning!


Take care of yourself, #dapfamily!  We believe that taking care of yourself starts before the work-out, eating snack foods included.  Try one of these snacks before your next workout and let us know how well it amped your workout energy!


Remember, fuel your body with the good stuff so it rewards you during your workout!


Dynamic Athletic Performance | Personal Training | Cape Coral, Florida
Dynamic Athletic Performance | Personal Training | Cape Coral, Florida