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At DAP, we believe heavily in the power of family time. Quality, meaningful and intentional time with the ones we love the most.


But, sometimes the weekend is over before it even began and we find ourselves wondering why we didn’t get out of the house more or we didn’t get some fresh air.

Today, on the weekly updates video, we’re sharing our favorite tips on the importance of playing with your kids to not only enhance their athletic skills but to get your own workout in, too.

Check out the video here:


If you want involvement with your kids, working out while tackling family fun-time and creating a happy and healthy environment, then these tips are for you! These are different than what we speak about in the video, so we hope you find value from them!

  1. Stay positive.

Kids crave connection and they crave quality time even more than we may realize. Take the time to prioritize your time with them - whether it be a quick play out in the front yard or a run around the block. We believe that you’ll see positive behavior changes, have more quality conversations and you will create a happier family life if you step out of your comfort zone and create a positive atmosphere around exercise. Here’s the thing: staying positive about your time together is the key to success. When kids know you look forward to your family time together as much as they do, they’re more apt to not let you forget about it and will bug you 800 times a day until it happens, guaranteed. As frustrating as it can feel in the moment, stay positive, upbeat and excited about getting outside to play. They’ll encourage you when you’re tired and make you laugh when you’re not feeling it. Create the space for positivity and you’ll enjoy the time even more.

2. Don’t Overcomplicate.

We hear it more times than not - parents would love to play games with their kids but don’t know what “games to play.” And, that’s the thing. Coach Mike has an elementary PE background. He can come up with games on the fly and create engagement like you wouldn’t believe. But, not everyone can think as quickly on their feet. And, that’s ok! Don’t overcomplicate the process. Get a jumprope, a ball, or even some chalk. Take a walk around the block. See who can do the most push-ups in 30 seconds. All easy tasks, nothing that requires too much time or money. Again, the key here is connecting with your kids. They don’t mind if you’re not perfect or not creative. They just want to laugh and play. So, do yourself and your family a favor … and join them!

3. Schedule it.

This one seems kind of silly … scheduling play time with your kids? But, really, it’s important. So many times, we have great intentions, but we don’t actually move forward with our goals. Now, this can relate to a lot of things in life but for our purpose today, we’re talking about family play. Tell your kids that on Saturday at 2:00, we’re going outside to play a game. Trust me, they will hold you to it. They’ll know what time it is, how many minutes left until your “appointment” and will have a list of all the things they want to do with you during your time together. This also allows you to have some space to get a few things off your own personal to-do list. Need to clean or do laundry over the weekend? No problem, set the time that you’re going to take a break from chores and it’ll end up motivating you to get more things done before then. It’s a win-win for all.

We hope these tips help get you up and moving with your kids! Get them excited about fresh air and family laughs and you’ll be able to get a good workout in on your own. It’s amazing how much your kids can hold you accountable to your own goals if you let them …

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