No babysitter and want to work-out? No problem!

You may not always have access to a baby-sitter or can’t get to the gym during open hours, but with

DAP’s family-friendly workout plan, you can get exercise as a family wherever you are.

The kids will get some energy out while spending quality, beneficial time with you.

in a society where technology wins, what better result is there?

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Download the FREE 1-Week of Family-Friendly Workouts to get access to:

  • 1-Week of Family-Friendly workouts that can be done at home or outside (virtually anywhere!)

  • Coach Mike’s specific exercises that he uses to motivate and encourage young ones to workout

  • A free, special training offer available only to those who have this guide!

With this guide, you get access to a virtual Personal Trainer who is known for his kid-specialty workouts - kids, adults and athletes of all ages and levels will love these challenges!